We are a startup and we like to do cool stuff. We love Internet and believe in free flow of information will create a better world.

Bannka was inspired with the idea that an American man who had himself photographed daily and his photos timelined on website.

Bannka makes it snap easy to post photos from phone to web.


1.What is Bannka all about?

It is a damn quick mobile photo post and share service, it is also somewhat like a “twitter” service of snapshots.

2.How do I use it if I don’t have iPhone or Android handsets?

Register and you will get a Bannka mail, save it as a contact, send picture as MMS to this mail will work, though this will evolve costs depends on your telco carrier rates.

3.Is Bannka similar to Twitter?

Yes, except that Bannka “tweets” or updates are all photos and provides with location and time the photo was taken, if it is taken with iPhone and Android handsets.

4.Why there is no filters?

People use Bannka to document their real life but filters may blur the assets/pics.


No porn and violence assets/pics please.

If you didn't select the private option to protect your updates, by submitting photo updates you are aware that the photos are made public upon posting, they might be shared on Facebook, Buzz, Twitter and many social sites and blogs, they might be used by other Bannka user, and we will not be taken responsible for possible damages these photos might bring to you or any third party.

Your photos will not be used for commercial purpose unless we have your written consent.